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Tue 17 - Wed 18 May 2022 Pennsylvania, United States
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David Lo

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Name:David Lo
Affiliation:Singapore Management University


SE4RAI 2022 Programme Committee in Program Committee within the SE4RAI 2022-track
ICSE 2022 Modeling Functional Similarity in Source Code with Graph-Based Siamese Networks
An Exploratory Study on the Repeatedly Shared External Links on Stack Overflow
Post2Vec: Learning Distributed Representations of Stack Overflow Posts
ShellFusion: Answer Generation for Shell Programming Tasks via Knowledge Fusion
Maintenance-Related Concerns for Post-deployed Ethereum Smart Contract Development: Issues, Techniques, and Future Challenges
Natural Attack for Pre-trained Models of Code
Session Chair of Reliability and Safety 5 (part of Technical Track)
Committee Member in Program Committee within the DS - Doctoral Symposium-track
ITSS: Interactive Web-Based Authoring and Playback Integrated Environment for Programming Tutorials
ARSearch: Searching for API Related Resources from Stack Overflow and GitHub
An Empirical Study of Release Note Production and Usage in Practice
Active Learning of Discriminative Subgraph Patterns for API Misuse Detection
Context-aware Retrieval-based Deep Commit Message Generation
Out of Sight, Out of Mind? How Vulnerable Dependencies Affect Open-Source Projects
Including Everyone, Everywhere: Understanding Opportunities and Challenges of Geographic Gender-Inclusion in OSS
Static Inference Meets Deep Learning: A Hybrid Type Inference Approach for Python
Detecting False Alarms from Automatic Static Analysis Tools: How Far are We?
Why My Code Summarization Approach Does Not Work: Improving Code Summarization with Comment Category Prediction
Practitioners’ Expectations on Automated Code Comment Generation
Committee Member in Program Committee within the Technical Track-track
CodeMatcher: Searching Code Based on Sequential Semantics of Important Query Words
MSR 2022 In-Person MSR 2022 Opening Session
General Chair in Organizing Committee
Session Chair of In-Person MSR Opening, Keynote and MIP Session (part of Technical Papers)
CAIN 2022 Committee Member in Program Committee within the CAIN 2022-track
ICPC 2022 An Exploratory Study on Code Attention in BERT
Accurate Generation of Trigger-Action Programs with Domain-Adapted Sequence-to-Sequence Learning
Automated Identification of Libraries from Vulnerability Data: Can We Do Better?
PTM4Tag: Sharpening Tag Recommendation of Stack Overflow with Pre-trained Models
On the Transferability of Pre-trained Language Models for Low-Resource Programming Languages
On the Effectiveness of Pretrained Models for API Learning
Benchmarking Library Recognition in Tweets
Simple or Complex? Together for a More Accurate Just-In-Time Defect Predictor
XAI4FL: Enhancing Spectrum-Based Fault Localization with Explainable Artificial Intelligence
ARSeek: Identifying API Resource using Code and Discussion on Stack Overflow
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